Industrial catering are a form of providing meals for workers in large-scale companies, factories and enterprises. Similar to office rice, or rice in restaurants, but industrial rice has a few points below:

Meals used by workers at the company are work.

The number of servings is very large, from a few hundred to several thousand depending on the number of workers in that company.

The meals and food are prepared according to an industrial model (cook in large quantities).

Meal expenses are covered by the host company.

If there are health problems when using industrial meals, users will be compensated by the catering companies.


With the rapidly developing industrial situation, Binh Duong province has always been an attractive investment destination for businesses and especially foreign enterprises. At the same time, it will affect human health, food, and the environment. Therefore, business owners, leading departments of large companies and industrial parks often have a headache about choosing a unit  providing industrial meals to meet the nutritional and hygienic needs of their workers. enterprise.

Industrial Catering in Binh Duong

Many businesses in Binh Duong, especially in industrial zones, have come to Binh Duong industrial catering company because of the company’s reputation. With the criterion of producing delicious, nutritious, and hygienic meals for companies, this is the reason that the service “Binh Duong Industrial Meals” will be a reliable partner for many companies in the area.


When it comes to industrial meals, almost everyone immediately thinks of meals at industrial parks or factories for workers. But in fact, many units such as schools and hospitals also use the menu of  company meals  to make their own menus. Because of the increasing demand of consumers, many companies in all provinces have been born and have chosen to provide corporate meals as a business field.

Binh Duong Industrial Catering is one of the Binh Duong industrial catering suppliers contacted by many businesses, factories and is always the first unit when choosing an industrial catering supplier. to provide food for your business. With long-term experience, professional style and prestige, we are proud to be the leading Binh Duong industrial catering brand in the region.


Industrial meals are meals during the working time of workers, students or office workers. With a large number of users, the number of meals for each meal is relatively large, so in any environment with a large number of employees, corporate meals are the optimal choice and save time. time.

List of industrial parks in Binh Duong

It is not easy to provide meals for a large number of people while ensuring cost, nutritional quality as well as food safety and hygiene. However, when you choose our Binh Duong Industrial Catering Service , you will not have to worry about those problems.


With the criteria of ensuring nutrition, quality and food safety and hygiene in each meal for users, the company always attaches great importance to and brings absolute satisfaction to its customers. Besides, the menu is always flexibly changed weekly, we are always looking for delicious and nutritious dishes to protect the health of our customers.

Right from the early days of establishment, the supply of industrial meals of Binh Duong industrial catering company has won the trust and great reputation of customers. On the company side, we always put ourselves in the customer’s position, taking customer value as well as human factor as operational criteria. Therefore, in the first time, providing meals, Binh Duong company has received good feedback from customers. We understand that we need to improve and make more efforts to bring the best quality catering service of Binh Duong company.


  • Dedicated and professional service staff.
  • Modern equipment, always clean when in use.
  • Standardize all relevant certificates of Safety and Hygiene.
  • Many years of experience in the field of industrial catering.
  • Consulting for other catering companies newly established and developed.

Not only Binh Duong we serve in Dong Nai, Long An, western provinces.